Innovative and Patented: Experience our Antioxidant-Rich Coffee, the pinnacle of applied science in coffee production.
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Over the past four years, our collaboration with the Federal University of Labras has led to a groundbreaking post-harvest process, elevating antioxidant levels in coffee to remarkable heights.

This exclusive patented process, developed solely by NuCoffee, has shown exceptional results, particularly in the creation of cold brews. Our new method has garnered immense praise from coffee enthusiasts for delivering an outstanding coffee experience.

This unique process is applied to semi-washed coffee, meticulously depulping the cherries. To naturally enhance antioxidant levels, we fine-tuned the quantity of green beans used. Our major challenge was maintaining high antioxidants without compromising taste, and working alongside the University of Lavras, we triumphed.

Post Harvest Process

You might wonder how we achieved this feat.

It was a fusion of decades of coffee research knowledge from the University of Lavras and unwavering support and oversight provided to our field personnel and producers at NuCoffee.

Through a carefully crafted blend of natural ingredients, we eliminated any trace of immaturity, transforming coffee that defies its green appearance.

Our processed coffee boasts delightful acidity and perfectly balanced sweetness, delivering a truly pleasurable experience with every sip.

In 2023, we introduced this exceptional coffee in limited quantities, and the response has been overwhelming. Enthusiasts embraced this unique blend, and we're thrilled by the level of acceptance it has received.

At NuCoffee, we're passionate about creating exceptional coffee experiences. Our antioxidant-rich coffee stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation and quality. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to redefine the art of coffee roasting.

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