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NuSelect proudly

Represents Nucoffee's

NuSelect proudly represents Nucoffee's commitment to excellence in the American market. Born with the mission of handpicking the finest coffees for every roasting and application, we also curate projects supporting advancements in the coffee industry and the creation of innovative products.

Represente Nucoffee's

Extensive Network of Captive

Producers in Brazil

Benefiting from our extensive network of captive producers in Brazil, boasting over 4,000 properties, we offer exceptional quality with year-to-year consistency.

With a dedicated field team and reliable batch control systems for producers, all our coffees and blends come with complete traceability.

At NuSelect, you have the flexibility to choose the coffee that best suits your needs from one of our warehouses closest to you, or we can directly import it from Brazil to your facility.

Producers in Brazil
Immerse yourself in the true art of

Coffee Selection with NuSelect.

Why NuSelect?

Unleash The True Flavor of Brazil

As Brazilian coffee specialists, we serve as the perfect bridge between producers and roasters. Our relentless pursuit of exceptional quality and consistency caters to even the most discerning palates.

Collaborating on innovative projects with local producers ensures that each cup tells a unique story. With coffee spots strategically located across the United States, we are conveniently positioned to meet your needs.

Our comprehensive platform connects you to a vast network of Brazilian producers, offering traceable and high-quality coffees, both blends and single origins.

Moreover, we provide various selling options, including FOB or CIF, to make the process even more convenient.

Unleash The True Flavor of Brazil

Uncover the authentic taste of

Brazilian Coffee.
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Specialists in Brazilian Coffee

Custom Projects

Tailored projects for different products to meet roasters' needs


Over 4,000 producers on our platform


Years of experience in the industry

Exported Bags

Impressive number of exported coffee sacks


Satisfied customer base


Connecting producers and roasters for seamless partnerships


Commitment to quality and consistency


Collaborative development of projects with coffee producers

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Our products available in various spots across the United States

Brazilian Producers

Extensive platform of coffee producers in Brazil

Tracing both blended and single-origin coffees for transparency

Tracing both blended and single-origin coffees for transparency

Flexible selling options, including FOB or CIF arrangements.

Flexible selling options, including FOB or CIF arrangements.


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About our


Our Mission

Driven by shared values and core commitments, we strive to engage, inspire, and expand a sustainable global specialty coffee community. Through collaboration and dedication, we aim to bring positive change to the coffee industry.

Our Vision

At NuSelect, we envision a world where specialty coffee reaches new heights of effectiveness, authenticity, and dynamism. Our mission is to give voice and substance to the limitless possibilities within the specialty coffee industry on a global scale.

Our Core Values

1. Relevant Member Value: We prioritize our members' needs and aspirations. We provide world-class events, education, research, and standards that empower them in the specialty coffee value chain. We promote inclusivity and adaptability, amplifying the voices of all stakeholders.

2. Sustainable Coffee Industry: Advocating for a sustainable coffee industry is at the heart of our mission. We forge collaborative partnerships that prioritize equity, mutual benefits, and positive impact throughout the coffee supply chain. By addressing social issues proactively and allocating dedicated resources, we work to create a lasting and positive difference.

3. Community of Communities: Diversity and local uniqueness are central to our ethos. We foster a sense of global community while appreciating and embracing unique local characteristics. Our goal is to strengthen coffee communities by promoting development, communication, and sharing opportunities within and among them.

4. Best People: NuSelect recognizes the strength that diverse perspectives bring. We champion representation across various dimensions, such as race, gender, age, nationality, and more. Our volunteer leaders and staff are committed to creating an informative, inclusive, and mutually supportive environment for all members.

5. Ethical Operation: Integrity is the foundation of our business practice and nonprofit governance. We adhere to local regulations, demonstrate unwavering dedication to our commitments, and maintain transparent communication. Accountability, aspiration, and active member engagement drive us towards continuous improvement.

6. Respect for the Individual: At NuSelect, we cultivate discrimination-free and harassment-free safe spaces for personal and professional growth. We recognize the unique privileges, backgrounds, and experiences of each member, ensuring that every voice is respected and heard.

Join NuSelect in our journey to revolutionize the specialty coffee industry. Together, let's explore new horizons, create lasting connections, and elevate the world of coffee to extraordinary heights.


Our Team

Guto Rizental - Owner and Commercial Director

Guto Rizental

Manager and Commercial Director

Guto Rizental - CEO and Sales Manager

Brhenda Del Caro

Sales Executive

Emanuelly Rangel - Logistics Executive

Emanuelly Rangel

Logistics Executive

Wellington Júnior - Finance Executive

Wellington Júnior

Finance Executive

Mharlon Saramela - Marketing

Mharlon Saramela


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