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Explore the cutting-edge technology behind Pulp Tea to create unparalleled quality and flavor products, leveraging the benefits and differentiators of the Pulp Tea project.
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The Coffee Pulp Tea Project transforms the acquisition of coffee husks with a meticulous and technologically advanced approach, from collection to pulp drying.

The husk is collected with the pulp during wet processing, ensuring the complete capture of the essence of coffee.

Pulp collection occurs immediately after processing, using only same-day coffee, with precise control of the waiting time.

During the wet phase, patented technology is applied, enhancing the product's quality. Subsequently, the pulp is drained and transferred to specialized static dryers, ensuring thorough and uniform drying.

This process, lasting 20 to 24 hours, prevents degradation, preserving the integrity of the husk and its shades in the resulting tea.

Regenerative Agriculture

Innovation in Coffee Husk

Production through Nucoffee Technology

In traditional coffee production, husks are left to dry in the sun, posing challenges like slow drying and degradation. Nucoffee technology preserves fresh pulp, inhibiting microorganisms and maintaining physical and chemical characteristics.

The static dryer in Nucoffee technology enables quick drying, eliminating the conducive degradation time. This results in superior preservation of the husk, including its characteristic color.

This approach transforms the production process, ensuring a final product of high quality, authenticity, and food safety.

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Husks can be applied in various recipes, whether for preparing hot or iced tea, yielding high-quality, safe, and authentic final products.

The husk's versatility also stands out in the Cold Brew method, contributing to a unique and flavorful experience when infused in room temperature water.

In a recipe where coffee husks represent 2% of the total, a simple kilogram of this raw material translates into an impressive production of 50 liters of tea.

This remarkable yield highlights the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the process, showcasing the ability to maximize the utilization of coffee husks for the production of large quantities of high-quality tea.

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