The Sustentia Project offers innovative and sustainable solutions, promoting adherence to a concise sustainability protocol that benefits both producers and the environment.
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Sustentia Project

The Nucoffee Sustentia Program is an initiative of utmost importance to propel coffee producers towards more rational and sustainable production practices

In this manner, producers become better equipped o meet the demands of increasingly discerning global markets.

Grounded in the pursuit of continual improvements in properties, this program entails a concise and easily comprehensible protocol that addresses developmental aspects divided into four chapters: property management, social management, environmental management, and quality management.

Sustentia Project

Certification Process

And the Role of the Sustentia Program

The certification process for producers is a crucial step to ensure excellence and sustainability in agricultural products.

However, achieving this certification individually can be challenging, especially concerning minimum area requirements.

This is where the Sustentia program emerges as a solution, bringing together multiple producers to achieve group certification.

Certification Process


And Certification

By assembling a coalition of producers, the Sustentia project facilitates obtaining certification, even when an individual producer does not meet the minimum area required for such certification.

This collaborative initiative not only enables the participation of small-scale producers in the process but also crucially emphasizes product quality within the sustainability context.



Unique Protocol

Brazilian Coffees


The differentiating factor of this program lies in the proprietary protocol developed by NuCoffee, which includes a dedicated chapter solely focused on quality.

Brazilian Coffees

High standard

While other initiatives may lack specific expertise in this aspect, NuCoffee sets a high standard through a detailed checklist of compliances.

Brazilian Coffees


This checklist serves as a structured guide for producers, outlining the requirements necessary for certification.

Social and Environmental Focus of the Project


Additionally, the Sustentia Project transcends the purely technical aspect by also addressing the social dimension of production.

One of the main reasons for creating this project was the scarcity of initiatives that adequately consider the social aspects involved in agricultural production.

Thus, by integrating this social dimension into its certification protocol, the project stands out as a comprehensive initiative committed to sustainability in all aspects.


Holistic Approach

And Positive Impact

Consequently, this collective certification initiative, centered on sustainability and quality, not only streamlines the process for producers but also fosters a holistic approach that embraces both production excellence and social and environmental impact.

This approach aims to drive the agricultural industry towards more responsible and sustainable practices, significantly contributing to the positive evolution of the sector.

Holistic Approachs

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