Enhancing the art of roasting, the Artisans Project offers a unique sensory experience by harnessing coffee's natural yeasts and adapting fermentation techniques to altitude, resulting in a variety of exceptional flavors.
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And Objective

Marks an innovative leap in the coffee industry, not only introducing a product but rather a revolutionary fermentation technology based on yeast specifically designed for coffee.

The distinctive point of this project lies in the meticulous application of carefully selected yeasts for coffee fermentation, establishing a unique and highly specialized approach previously unprecedented in the market.

Before the emergence of the Project Artisans, several producers attempted to produce fermented coffees, resulting in inconsistent quality from year to year.

The Project arose as a way to ensure consistency in coffee quality and characteristics regardless of the harvest. Thus, a specific type of coffee will always maintain its sensory attributes.

Therefore, the Project Artisans represents the pinnacle of applied science in coffee production, providing security, sensory consistency, and a high standard of quality to producers.

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By promoting controlled fermentation through specific coffee yeasts, this technology is a game-changer in the industry, offering innovative solutions that shape the future of coffee production



This strategy ensures an unprecedented level of security in the process, as the microorganisms were selected using scientific methods in collaboration with UFLA (Federal University of Lavras).



The origin of these specific coffee yeasts dates back to the year 2000 when they were identified under the leadership of the renowned professor Rosane Schwan.



This research led to the formation of the Agricultural Microbiology Culture Collection (CCMA) at UFLA, a fundamental collection cataloging a variety of microorganisms present in coffee.

What makes the Artisans Project Differentiated?

Selection and

Classification of Strains

After isolating over 2000 microorganisms from coffee, only three strains were carefully selected for application on farms at different altitudes.

In other words, the strain used on a farm at an altitude of 800 meters is distinct from the one used on farms at altitudes exceeding 1000 meters.

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And Monitoring

In addition to supplying the yeasts, continuous support is provided to producers, offering monitoring and guidance throughout all stages of the production process.

This approach not only ensures the quality and safety of the final product but also aims to maintain consistency and enhance the sensory profile of the production.

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And Future

The Project Artisans not only supports producers whose farms are in less favored regions for coffee cultivation but also stands out as a supplementary line seeking to further enhance the quality of coffees produced in favored regions.

This initiative represents a significant opportunity to add value to products, enabling the creation of high-rated coffees, expanding the bottling of larger volumes, and even facilitating the creation of blends among different producers.

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And Strategic Partnerships

This was only possible due to the public-private collaboration established between UFLA, through Nucoffee, which played a crucial role in obtaining and applying this technology, resulting in royalties being remunerated to the academic institution.

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And Technical Care

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The Project Artisans implements three distinct methodologies for coffee fermentation, adapted to diverse production conditions and requirements, with durations ranging from 36 to 92 hours.

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Fermentation temperatures are maintained up to 40 degrees Celsius to preserve the quality and uniformity of the final product. If this limit is exceeded, the process is halted, ensuring the excellence of the outcome.

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Through the use of the Self-Induced Anaerobic Fermentation (SIAF) method and the introduction of starter cultures, the fermentation process is optimized and accelerated, providing substantial gains in its efficiency.

Through this technical, scientific, and innovative approach, the Project Artisans reaffirms its commitment to revolutionizing the coffee sector, offering not just a product but a new era of excellence in coffee production.

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