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Discover Two Convenient Ways to Purchase Coffee from NuSelect!
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We think of you

At NuSelect, we understand that every customer has unique preferences and specific characteristics they seek in their coffee. That's why we offer two distinct and convenient methods for you to purchase our exceptional coffee.

We think of you

Personalized Service

The traditional approach involves reaching out to us via phone or email to get a price quote.

This method allows us to engage with you directly, understand your preferences, and provide personalized recommendations tailored to your taste.

With this approach, we ensure that you receive the perfect coffee that suits your individual needs.

Offline Buy

Online Convenience

For a seamless and time-efficient experience, you can opt to buy directly online.

If the coffee you desire is available for online purchase, it means it's ready and waiting in one of our five strategically located warehouses.

This option ensures quick access to your favorite coffee varieties, allowing you to enjoy our exceptional blends with just a few clicks.

Online Buy
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Personalized Service

After choosing the form that best suits your needs, you will need to create an account. To do so, please contact one of our sales representatives, and they will assist you. Subsequently, they will send an Offer List containing all the available coffees in the warehouse nearest to you.

Once you are certain you have found the perfect coffee at the right price, your sales representative will send the contract, known as a Sales Order, containing all the information about your purchase. You can choose to pick it up in person or opt for our delivery service with an additional fee.

This delivery service can be arranged during or after the negotiation. The shipping cost will depend on your location.

Brazilian Coffees


Very soon it will be possible to buy online directly on our website. Stay tuned for news.

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