NS-1034 - Efrain Brotel - Minas Sul Contest

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  • Country


  • Region

    Sul de Minas

  • Producer

    Efrain Botrel

  • Farm

    Fazenda Aguas Claras

Coffee Specifications

  • Variety

    Yellow Bourbon

  • Process

    Nucoffee Artisans - Induced Fermented

  • Harvest


  • Tasting notes

    Tropical fruits, milk cream, brown sugar cane, sugar cane, grape juice.

  • Certifications


  • Packaging

    Bag 60 Kg

  • Warehouse Location


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About the Grower

About Grower

Efrain Botrel

With a family tradition in coffee farming for more than 130 years, Mr. Efrain Botrel Alves continues the history of his ancestors. From a very young age, Efrain was always curious and interested in the coffee production, so he accompanied his father in the daily activities of the farm, learning from the wisdom of his father and trying to understand the operation of all processes. Through the years of dedication, work and research on coffee quality improvements and new technologies, Efrain continues in the coffee industry concerned with producing quality coffees aligned to sustainability.




Efrain works in the conventional way in plantation management. With the support of Agronomists soil analyzes are performed and from the results are identified the nutrients to be replenished for the correct development of the plants. Following the recommendation of the Agronomist, fertilization is carried out by replacing macro and micro nutrients to the soil and liming is performed to correct soil pH; spraying of fungicides and nutrients are carried out; pest and disease monitoring is also carried out through visits.



For the harvest period the whole farm is structured. The coffee streets are cleaned, the machinery is revised and the employees instructed. As fruit maturation begins, a follow-up of the plants is performed by visually analyzing the percentage of ripe and green fruits, and when a large percentage of ripe fruit is found the harvest is started. The process is performed both mechanically by a harvester and manually by employees, and the method is used according to the topographic conditions of the plantations.



Southern Minas Gerais is one of Brazil’s most productive coffee producing areas. This region has grown Arabica coffee since the 1850s and is characterized by rolling hills, a mild climate averaging 23° C, and high elevations.

While some of the largest coffee producing properties in Brazil are located in Sul de Minas, more than half of the region’s producers are small to medium-sized farms. Sul de Minas accounts for, on average, 30% of Brazil’s coffee production.

The mountain




Sustainability and conservation of the environment are some of Efrain`s concerns, so in his property native forest areas and springs are protected and properly preserved. In the farm has a structure to properly store the agrochemicals to be used, without offering risk of contamination to the environment. Employees have a dressing room to sanitize after the activities and they also receive the courses and training necessary to operate safely.



Efrain is in the process of producing differentiated coffees for better pay. He started from the basics and gradually he was perfecting the processes and the structure in order to offer a quality product.

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