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  • Region

    Cerrado Mineiro

  • Producer

    Mariana Jordão

  • Farm

    Fazenda Londrina

Coffee Specifications

  • Variety

    Catuaí 144

  • Process

    Nucoffee Artisans - Induced Fermented

  • Harvest


  • Tasting notes

    Cereal, sweet, smooth, milk chocolate, molasses, good and pleasant acidity, medium body.

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  • Packaging

    Bag 60 Kg

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About the Grower

About Grower

Mariana Jordão

Hailing from southern Brazil, the story of César Jordão and his daughter Mariana Jordão is emblematic of many families in the Cerrado Mineiro region. After a severe frost devastated their crops in the state of Paraná, the Jordão family relocated to Cerrado Mineiro in 1981, fueled by the aspiration to rebuild their lives and their farming business. In this new chapter, they reinvested in coffee cultivation, which flourished under their care. César, an Agricultural Engineer, has been at the forefront of the family business, infusing his expertise and passion into every aspect of their operations. Mariana, following in her father's footsteps, has become an integral part of the enterprise. Her involvement symbolizes a bridge between generations, ensuring the continuity of their family's legacy in coffee farming. Together, César and Mariana epitomize the blend of tradition and innovation, their daily commitment to excellence defining their journey as rural producers.




The productive system of the farms is a collaborative effort led by César, with significant input from his daughter Mariana. Together, they coordinate and plan the agricultural operations, with César bringing his expertise to the forefront by planning the cultural practices, identifying and addressing the needs of each plot. Their planning is meticulous, based on the results of soil and leaf analyses, which guide their recommendations for the necessary cultural treatments. Mariana's role is pivotal, working alongside her father, she brings a fresh perspective and new energy to the operations. Her involvement ensures that the farm's legacy of innovation and excellence continues. After the production period, they jointly decide on the renovation of some plantations, employing the 'zero harvest' pruning system to rejuvenate the plants and ensure robust future yields.



From the stage of the flowering of the plantations, César and Mariana closely monitor the development of the flowers until the fruits reach maturation. They observe how, typically in April, the maturation progresses, signaling the approach of the harvest. Together, they assess the uniformity of the mature fruits in the plots, determining the sequence of the harvest. The duo ensures that the harvesting process, which is 100% mechanized and executed by harvesters, runs smoothly between May and September, reflecting their shared commitment to the farm's success.



The Cerrado Mineiro region, located in northwest of Minas Gerais State is a world-recognized, high-quality coffee producing origin and became the first Protected Geographical Indication in Brazil in 2005, with full Designation of Origin in 2013.

A strong characteristic of this region is its well-defined seasons - a hot, wet summer followed by a pleasantly dry winter. The dry climate during harvest eliminates potential problems with humidity during the drying process.

Minas Gerais is Brazil’s principal agricultural state, and the Cerrado is home to many of the country’s celebrated coffee estates, with expertise in planting, harvesting, drying, and sorting. We love Cerrado coffees for their big body, rich chocolate notes, and velvety texture when pulled as espresso.

Today, the area’s 4,500 farmers produce a combined average of 6 million bags per harvest, with an average of 35 bags per hectare. To reach these production levels, producers had to first adapt to the region’s conditions. Coffee farmers first arrived in Cerrado in the 1970’s, after being pushed out of the state of Parana by frost and out of the state of São Paulo by nematodes.

They found the soil in Cerrado to be very acidic, which they rectified with the application of calcium to create the healthy soils they enjoy today. Cerrado coffee farms are cultivated in areas with elevations varying between 800 and 1,300 meters above sea level and are known for consistently producing high quality coffees with a repeatable profile. Independent of farm size, the spirit of professionalism is present throughout Cerrado’s coffee producers.

Entrepreneurialism is part of farmers’ DNA, and many producers are second or third generation growers who also hold degrees in agronomic engineering, business management, and administration. While each family narrative is different, Cerrado is characterized by an enterprising attitude.




Sustainable and conscious practices are at the core of the management strategy employed by César and Mariana on their farms. They both hold the preservation of nature for future generations as a paramount value. Together, they implement environmentally friendly practices such as soil conservation through maintaining vegetation between coffee rows, planting native trees in areas requiring regeneration, and preserving the local fauna and flora. Mariana, sharing her father's commitment to sustainability, plays a vital role in these initiatives. Additionally, both are actively involved in an environmental awareness project at the community school, demonstrating their dedication to fostering a sense of ecological responsibility in the younger generation.



"We were one of the first producers to participate in this partnership with NuCoffee in Cerrado Mineiro and it has been very good for us. It encourages us to improve the quality of our production through a solid base, with a safe way of treating our plantations" - Mariana Jordão.

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