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  • Country


  • Region

    Campo das Vertentes

  • Producer

    Miguel Clovis Brugnoli Junior

  • Farm

    Fazenda São Carlos

Coffee Specifications

  • Variety

    Topázio, Red Catuaí

  • Process

    Nucoffee Artisans - Induced Fermented

  • Harvest


  • Tasting notes

    Caramel, chocolate, sweet, ripe fruit, full body, medium acidity, consistent.

  • Certifications


  • Packaging

    Bag 60 Kg

  • Warehouse Location


  • Container Number


About the Grower

About Grower

Miguel Clovis Brugnoli Junior

Miguel Clóvis Brugnoli Junior was born in Campinas on September 29, 1977, the son of Miguel Clóvis Brugnoli (Lawyer) and Maria Bernadete Gouveia Brugnoli. Junior spent his childhood and adolescence in the countryside of São Paulo, and due to his admiration for his father's profession, he decided to follow in his footsteps, graduating in law in 2004 and subsequently embarking on his career. In 2009, the family decided to invest in agriculture, acquiring Fazenda São Carlos and appointing Junior as the head of the family's new venture. Thus began a new passion that continues to grow, sparking the interest of all involved in working tirelessly towards the perfect cup. Fazenda São Carlos holds Rainforest Alliance certification, following a reforestation plan in riparian areas, planting native trees, and conserving fences to prevent cattle from accessing these areas. The entire team at Fazenda São Carlos is constantly striving to improve processes in pursuit of the finest quality coffee and the perfect cup.


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