NS-1011 - Direct - Sebastião Cesar Stockler Calixto

Quality coffees worldwide, EXW, FOB, CIF, DAT. Quality coffees worldwide:


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  • Region

    Sudoeste de Minas

  • Producer

    Sebastião César Stockler Calixto

  • Farm

    Fazenda Melo

Coffee Specifications

  • Variety


  • Process

    Nucoffee Artisans - Induced Fermented

  • Harvest


  • Tasting notes

    Rapadura, paçoca (peanut candy), caramel, sweet, juicy, medium body and acidity.

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  • Packaging

    Bag 60 Kg

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About the Grower

About Grower

Sebastião César Stockler Calixto

Eliminated the obstacles to the foundation of a cooperative in town, growers were called by the Rural Association to participate in a General Meeting, and in November 29th, 1964, at 10:00 AM, in the head office of the Commercial Industrial and Agricultural Association of Bebedouro, 32 farmers of Bebedouro and region were met and founded the Cooperativa Agropecuária da Zona de Bebedouro – Capezobe. While the citrus-growing sector was under development in the region, the coffee growing was weakening and, as a consequence, the Capdo, Cooperativa Agrária dos Cafeicultores D’Oeste de São Paulo, also was facing the same situation. Such cooperative, the Capdo, located in Monte Azul Paulista, founded in the early 50’s, joined coffee growers of the region and had as main purpose the arrangements and trading of the coffee grew by the members. With the end of the coffee cycle in its area of scope, the Capdo also started to trade inputs to its members and thus creating two large cooperatives, well renowned, with many members in common and working in a similar way in a same area. The logic consequence of such situation would be the merger of both cooperatives and actually it was what happened. After all necessary diligences to such kind of merger, both organizations called a Joint General Stockholders’ Meeting and, in May 14th, 1976, at 8:00 PM, in the Sports Arena of the Bebedouro Club, the members of both cooperatives founded the Cooperativa dos Cafeicultores e Citricultores de São Paulo – Coopercitrus. Currently named Coopercitrus Cooperative de Produtores Rurais, is proud to be the biggest cooperative in São Paulo State in trading inputs, machinery and farming implements, with its exceptional sales of over R$ 1.8 billion in 2014. The cooperative has printed, along of all those years, a history of coherence of principles, attitude of respect and concerning with its members and with the communities in its area of scope, to the Brazilian agribusiness and mainly, to the members’ assets. It Works never forgetting the cooperativism principles that are the pillars of its foundation.


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