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    Mogiana Blend

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    Mogiana Blend

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    Sweet, chocolate, caramel, medium body, malic acidity, milk chocolate. Good coffee for Blend and espresso.

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    Bag 60 Kg

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About the Grower

About Grower

Mogiana Blend

The Mogiana region, located in the interior of São Paulo state, Brazil, is globally recognized as one of the leading producers of high-quality coffee. With favorable weather, fertile soils, and an ideal topography, Mogiana offers perfect conditions for cultivating arabica coffee. Coffee plantations, some with over a century of tradition, dot the verdant landscape where meticulous cultivation, harvesting, and processing methods are employed to ensure exceptional coffee beans. The gentle mountains and mild climate create a unique microclimate that fosters the development of fruits, resulting in coffees with distinct sensory characteristics such as floral, fruity, and chocolate notes. Mogiana not only supplies high-quality coffee to domestic and international markets but also plays a pivotal role in preserving coffee traditions and environmental sustainability, promoting responsible agricultural practices, and respecting the environment.



Indication of Origin (IO) since 2013, the Alta Mogiana region has been associated with coffee for over 100 years. The increase in the population of immigrants, mainly Italians, was accompanied by an explosion in coffee production. Since then, the region has always been a centre of quality coffee.

Alta Mogiana is located in the north of the State of São Paulo. A plateau with mountains ranging in altitude from 900 to 1000 meters, this is a traditional region for coffee plantations, with average monthly temperatures of 21 ºC in summer and 17 ºC in winter.

The climatic characteristics are favorable to the slow and uniform ripening of the grain. The Alta Mogiana region produces the finest Arabica and bean coffees. Among the most cultivated varieties are catuaí, mundo novo, bourbon and obatã.

The main characteristic of its coffee is a velvety, creamy body. It has a strong, fruity aroma with soft notes of chocolate and nuts, medium and balanced acidity. Once tasted, it has the greatness of a prolonged aftertaste with a caramel sweetness and hints of dark chocolate. It is a full-bodied coffee, designed for the preparation of an excellent espresso.


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