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  • Country


  • Region

    Campo das Vertentes

  • Producer

    Elio Trevisolli

  • Farm

    Fazenda Faria

Coffee Specifications

  • Variety

    Catuaí 144

  • Process

    Nucoffee Artisans - Induced Fermented

  • Harvest


  • Tasting notes

    Dulce de leche, ripe fruit, passion fruit, pineapple, medium body and acidity.

  • Certifications


  • Packaging

    Bag 60 Kg

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About the Grower

About Grower

Elio Trevisolli

The Trevisolli family has a long-standing relationship with agriculture. In the 19th century, my father emigrated from Italy to Brazil and had his first job in coffee farming. I worked many years outside of Brazil, and in the 1980s, together with my wife, we decided to invest in agribusiness. Today, I have the support of my son Leonardo to manage Faria Farm in Lavras/MG. For Leonardo, coffee is the continuation of the family's story, a continuous overcoming to always do better, with low cost and a high level of professionalism.




The Trevisolli family has an old relationship with agriculture. In the 19th century Elio Trevisolli`s grandfather emigrated from Italy to Brazil and had his first work in the coffee fields. Elio worked for many years outside Brazil and in the 80`s together with his wife decided to invest in agribusiness. Today he has the support of his son Leonardo to manage Fazenda Faria, in the city of Lavras, in the state of Minas Gerais. For Leonardo coffee means a continuity of family history, a continuous overcoming in always doing better, at a low cost and high level of professionalism.



When the cherries are ripe, at the ideal moment to harvest, Elio and Leonardo prioritize the early plots adopting the manual and selective harvesting system. As the harvest progresses, they adopt the mechanized harvesting system, using 3 harvesters and a sweeping machine. Fazenda Faria respects all current practices and laws in Brazil, with the support of about 160 temporary employees and 32 permanent employees during the harvest.



Fazenda Faria is UTZ certified (1000008283). Currently, recovery practices have carried out in degraded areas around the property such as gullies, ditches and holes. The farm has 25% of the total area delimited as Legal Reserve and 25% as permanent preservation areas. All water used on the farm is licensed for use in agriculture. In the social part the employees receive all necessary support and also count on the joint participation of the harvest profits.



Control of costs and daily monitoring of Elio and Leonardo in each activity related to the farm are the key to the success of Fazenda Faria, they consider Nucoffee`s support very important, learning is daily and they are always looking for the excellence and continuous improvements in the property.

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